With a strong focus on game development and event planning, AFL Canada intends to provide Canada with a platform of contacts, equipment and facilities to grow the game within their province.

AFL Canada supports Australian football clubs, leagues and provincial associations with:

  • Marketing, communication and promotion of the sport of Australian football within Canada
  • Program development and long-term player, umpire, and coaches development
  • Annual sport specific insurance coverage for registered membership
  • Financial support and club development resources for new clubs in their first three years of establishment
  • Financial support in the form of grants
  • Access to discounted football equipment
  • High performance athlete development opportunities
  • Coach and Umpire professional development through course development, mentorship opportunities, and others
  • Guidance and support on application of international Laws of the Game
  • National and International advocacy and linkages with other governing sport bodies, and other Australian Football associations world-wide

Through nationally sanctioned events such as the National AFL Canada Championships for both Men and Women’s provincial teams, and National Junior Tournament(s), AFL Canada is continually looking to develop the standard of football from both a qualitative and quantitative standpoint.

As a game which is foreign to much of its market in Canada, we continually strive to embrace all individuals willing to take part in the sport. With the Board executive and staff repeatedly producing new projects and initiatives to promote both attendance and interest within the sport, AFL Canada remains motivated to ensure the game can prosper and progress through all male and female competitions in Canada.

Association Governance:

AFL Canada Board Executive is annually elected with officers being appointed by the Board Chair. National Team Managers, Assistant Coaches and Head Coaches are recruited and appointed by the Board Executive to their volunteer roles

Strategic Direction

AFL Canada’s Board of Directors, in conjunction with key stakeholders such as Sport Canada and the AFL, have set out the strategic direction of the organization moving forward.

The Priority Areas and Initiatives were developed based on feedback from members and outlined by the Board of Directors during an in-person strategy meeting.

You can access the full strategic document at below.

Association History

AFL Canada was established in May 1989 when two clubs were formed and played in the inaugural Conacher Cup game in Toronto, Ontario.

AFL Canada supports Australian football clubs, leagues and provincial associations with:

What We Do


Promote development and awareness of Australian football to Canadians and non-Canadians living in Canada.


AFL endorsed national governing body for all Australian football leagues and clubs in Canada.


Manage and oversee the national teams (Northwind, Northern Lights) and national development teams (Midnight Suns, North Stars and Wolfpack)


Liaise with the AFL and other international AFL affiliated groups on behalf of AFLC members


Promote the safety and security of all players and team officials by following and promoting our policies and guidelines

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