AFL Canada Grants Program – Open for 2021!

January 19, 2021

AFL Canada is excited to announce that the Grants Program is once again open in 2021! 

This year there are FIVE different categories of funding available to AFL Canada Member Leagues and Clubs.

The Grants program is designed to assist in the growth and development of Australian Football in Canada, through funding projects that will assist Clubs and Leagues with their growth goals. Projects that have been approved for funding in the past include equipment and start up costs for junior programs or permanent infrastructure such as goal posts for fields.

Covid affected most teams/leagues in 2020. A major focus for all clubs will be retaining/regaining players. AFL Canada wants to encourage clubs to consider how projects that can be funded through the grants program can integrate and expand those membership goals for 2021. 

Let’s get creative!

Some examples of projects that may be able to funded may include: 

  • Is your club in a University town? The New University Club Grant can help establish a presence at that University and funnel recruits toward your club. Come and Try days, starting a society, etc are all relevant!
  • Does your club only have a Men’s team? What events/functions can be held to start establishing a Women’s team? And can costs such as field rental can be funded through the General Grants or New Club Grant?
  • Does your club have both a Men’s and Women’s program? Could instigating a junior program help build a family atmosphere at the Club and draw more senior players? Can the Junior Grants funding help pay for new junior footys to kick start the program?
  • Is your league or club looking to expand into new areas? Could holding an exhibition Tournament, a come and try day or something similar help build awareness. Could the Projects in New Areas Grant help pay for field rental, marketing materials, etc, etc?

The application process is simple, head to the AFL Canada Grant’s Program page, find which classification of grant applies best to your project, and submit the online application.  

If you’ve got any queries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

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