Announcing AFL Canada Event Hosting Grant

May 22, 2023

AFL Canada is thrilled to announce the introduction of the Event Hosting Grant, to complement the various grant categories already in place, as part of the AFL Canada Grants Program.

The AFL Canada’s Grants Program has been in place since 2014 and distributed over $30,000 to member clubs in that time – the Event Hosting Grant is sure to be an exciting addition to the program.

AFL Canada member clubs run amazing tournaments such as the Kelowna Cup (British Columbia), the Pony Platter (Ontario), Montreal Women’s Tournament (Quebec) and the Stampede Cup (Alberta) each year to provide AFL Canada members the opportunity to play more Footy in different places, each year.

Tournaments are expensive to run so AFL Canada is pleased to introduce financial support to these and other events, so that clubs can focus on running great tournaments!

Starting in 2023, AFL Canada will release 5 grants of up to $500 per event, for those clubs running eligible tournaments (see eligibility details int the link below).

For more information including the application process, terms and conditions, and other information you can head to the AFL Canada Grants Program Page.

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