Kids need to know about Auskick so that they can register – the most effective methods of advertising are included below.

Found another way of advertising that works for your Auskick Centre? Let us know and we can include it here!

Advertising in schools

  • The most effective advertising technique is directly in schools during In School Footy sessions.
  • In schools you are able to directly advertise to students and their parents.
  • Print off a flyer to give to each student (see above) – this flyer should have relevant Auskick centre information and a call to action to register their child/children.
  • Schools will also have monthly newsletters and website postings that you can take advantage of too.

An example of an advertising flyer to send home to parents is shown above – download a blank template for your centre here

Advertising Online

  • Advertising on your clubs social media and club websites is a great way to get the word out about your junior programming – see an example here
  • You need to show caution when using images of children or footage from your sessions in any capacity. It is essential you receive permission from parents beforehand
Want to create your own flyers?

Canva s a great tool to use and free for not for profit organisations! There are more examples and some backgrounds to use below:

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