For the following information to apply, your Auskick centre/program must be registered with AFL Canada.

Things like insurance coverage will not apply to junior programs not registered with AFL Canada.

Organized by AFL Canada:


All registered Auskick centres and Auskickers will be covered under AFL Canada’s Insurance.

  • If you’re centre is not registered with AFL Canada, insurance will not apply.

Auskicker’s details will be registered upon payment.

When you have selected a venue, please send the details through to development@aflcanada.com so it can be added to the AFLC insurance certificate.

Payment & Cost to Auskickers

Payment is received at registration through Auskick.ca.

Auskick Fee is $50 per child.

For this fee, students receive:

  • 6 Auskick sessions with an AFL Canada qualified instructor.
  • An Auskick Pack

    Where does this $50 per Auskicker go?

    • $20 covers insurance requirements for each Auskicker.
    • $30 is sent back to your club – this will cover Auskick costs and leftover money is revenue for you club.

    Auskicker Registration

    Auskickers will need to register so your club can keep track of numbers, costs, etc.

    The simplest way to do this is through a Google Form, Auskickers (or their parent!) can then send through the Auskick fee via e-transfer.

    Advertising flyers given out during First Session of the In School Programs will have a call to action for parents to register and pay.

    Some clubs will also utilise square accounts so that parents can pay with a credit card.


    Decisions for your club:


    If you’ve been running in school sessions, a field located centrally to those schools is ideal – minimising transport for families.

    Field space can be rented from the city, generally cheaper for junior programming.

    • Google your city’s park and rec (or relevant sector) and their field rental policies.
    • An example of the policies/rental process here.

    Schools also generally have access to their facilities outside of school hours. Each school board varies on their polices and procedures around this so it’s best to check in with your local school board website..


    • 1 hour sessions
    • 1 per week for 6 weeks
    • The 6 Weeks leading into Summer Holidays (Mid May-End of June) are best due to weather
    • Fall programs have been tested with minimal success due to the hectic start of the year and deteriorating weather.
    • After school and work so parents can attend. Eg, 5-6pm
    • Best day of the week depends on your community. What days do things like hockey/soccer run? Avoid those days.
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