To get the word out about your in school program you may want to advertise to a bigger audience than just your group of connections – the more schools your sessions can get into the more advertising you have for your Auskick Centre!


Super simple and effective, emails are easy to come by and there’s multiple avenues to advertise to a school.

Flyers with info and call to action are generally most effective, see examples below.

See getting into schools for more details.

Social Media

All clubs have a social media presence and websites to utilise – schools will generally have a social media presence, particularly twitter, so theres a connection option there.

Articles, flyers, information, success stories from the past or from other clubs are always effective.

Traditional Media

Local newspapers, radio and even TV could show interest in junior programming.

Getting kids active is a huge priority of these sessions and should be relevant to everyone!

Want to create your own flyers or info pages?

Canva is an easy to use resource and free for Not for Profits. Some backgrounds and examples of flyers that have been used in the past are included below – feel free to use!

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