What is the school going to get out of having an In School Footy Session?

Introducing the kids to a new sport.

A brand new sport creates an inclusive environment as nobody is good, nobody is bad at the sport.

    • Great for kids/groups who haven’t had a positive experience with sport in the past.

Helping out schools who don’t have a PE department.

    • Lots of budget cuts coming to education so PE/sport generally gets cut first.

Personal Development opportunity for the Teachers. They will have access to teaching materials to continue teaching the sport.

Fun experience for the kids – team building, resilience, grit, growth mindset opportunities.

Opportunity for students to participate in extracurricular programming outside of school afterwards (Auskick).

Getting the school involved in the wider community (Clubs, Auskick Centres)

Can be adapted to indoor/outdoor or can be run on small fields, hardtops, gym, etc.

All sessions conducted at the school so no need for bussing and related costs.

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