How do we approach schools to get a Footy program running in their school?

Leverage existing relationships:
Teachers at footy clubs, friends who are teachers, kid’s schools. Get into their schools.

Compile a database of emails for a family of schools. Can drip feed emails with advertising, availability, success stories. Emails can include:

    • Principal/staff emails.
    • School Emails – Generally monitored by office staff.
    • School Council/Parent Advisory Committee emails – Generally have a big say on what happens in the school and fund events.
    • Generally the emails are all structured the same ( or something along those lines – easy to find on the school’s website.

Drop Ins:
Simply pop into the school – Chat with the Principal outlining the program benefits, set a time to catch up or leave promotional material.

Leveraging existing contacts to refer you to other schools in the area who would benefit from these sessions.

Calling the school, good for following up with people you’ve been in contact with. Can generally reach more schools in less time.

Sample Sessions:
Do a half/day free or with one class to show the school what it would look like to get them to commit to a longer program.

School boards and PE societies will often have a yearly conference where vendors/presenters are invited.

Social Media:
Schools are generally active on Twitter so having a presence there is key.

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