Time of Year

The in school sessions are best ran outside, meaning Spring/Summer/Fall are ideal times.
Note – Sessions can always be adapted to be run in a school gym but outside works a lot better.

Ideally running in school programs April to Mid-May to advertise for Auskick programs going from the middle of May to end of the School year.

Fall programs have been attempted with limited success.

    • Fall is the start of the school year, and there is chaos that comes along with that, hockey and winter sports are kicking off limiting availability and the weather is starting to turn cold.

Timing in Schools

A week in the school is an ideal time – this gives each class the opportunity to have a couple of sessions of Footy and for the coach to advertise the Auskick program.

Timing of the sessions depends on the school. Ideally you will fit the sessions in with their gym schedule.

    • Sessions may vary in between 45 minutes to an hour depending on the school
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