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For too long, youth girls sports have simply been versions of boys sports and girls have been seen as smaller versions of boys in their respective sports.

In partnership with EMM Consulting and various member clubs, AFL Canada are looking to level the playing field and offer a fully immersive program that not only teaches girls a new sport but provides them with knowledge, experiences and friendships that will positively impact them not only as young athletes, but as young women!

There will be six introductory sessions held in Ottawa, Halifax, Calgary & Hamilton throughout the Spring, exposing the participants to the sport of Australian Football with a focus on trying new things, having a growth mindset and building self confidence.

Throughout and following the program the participants will have access to webinars, courses and mentors to provide learnings the girls can take away with them and use in future sporting endeavours and in their everyday lives.

The program will be free for participants to register and be a part of, and everyone receives a specialised training kit to keep.

The Northern Lights are Canada’s National Women’s Australian Football program, and players prospective, past and present will be involved in the project to act as mentors for the participants who will be “Jr Lights”!

Further details of the project are below, or feel free to reach out to

  • EMM has partnered with AFL Canada to support Gender Equity in Sport through various projects including the Northern Lights Youth Mentor Project.
  • Under EMM’s Community Hub initiative the team are committed to building a legacy that improves our environment and community, leaving it stronger for future generations.
  • EMM’s purpose is ‘Creating Opportunities’ which is exactly what the Northern Lights Youth Mentor Project is trying to achieve.
  • You can learn more about EMM by visiting their website –
  • Sessions have been run in Ottawa, Hamilton, Halifax and Calgary! Stay tuned for where the program will be running in 2024.
    • Each city will host 6 x 1 hour sessions 
  • These will focus on introducing the skills, development of said skills and building into gameplay
  • These will be ran by AFL Canada coaches, as well as Northern Lights Mentors
  • The focus of these webinars will be to provide the girls with further learning opportunities related to youth girls and sport, or for their age range specifically.
  • Topics may include:
    • Building Confidence and Self-esteem
    • Dealing with stress, and anxiety (Mindfulness)
    • Being Resilient
    • Physiological and psychological differences/needs for girls playing sport
    • Nutrition at that age and stage
    • Being a Leader
    • Finding Your passion
  • All you need to bring is runners and a water bottle!
  • Registrations are now closed for the 2023 season, stay tuned for information on the 2024 season!


Feel free to send an email to

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