• Fun!
  • To introduce your students to a new sport.
  • To give your students responsibility, leadership and organisation skills.
  • To promote physical activity and active participation.
The Games

AFL Canada recommends AFL 9’s as the most suitable version of Australian Football to be used for intramural play, for the following reasons:

    • AFL 9’s is a non contact version of the sport – safer for play at school and without qualified umpires.
    • AFL 9’s only requires 9 players per team, and this can be adapted – more players get to be involved when compared to the regular 18 a side version.
    • AFL 9’s is designed to be played on a soccer field (or any rectangular field) but realistically can be modified to any space, including indoors.
    • Easy to organise – all the equipment that is needed is a footy, pinnies and pylons!

For a comprehensive guide on the rules of AFL 9’s click this link

    • Note that aspects of the game can be modified to suit your schools bell times, facilities, teacher availability, etc.


    • Each school is different but if your school already has an intramural process it would be recommended to stick with that.
    • Student Run – can be a great way to provide leadership opportunities. Different roles can include equipment manager, referees, setting the schedule, organising teams, etc. All of these roles can be overseen by teachers/leaders


    • It’s imperative to organise the intramurals at time that allows students to play. ie, some schools will have split lunches so need to consider the optimal time.


Again there are various ways to go around selecting teams:

    • Have teams for the ‘season’ where the same selected teams will compete for all intramurals for a set amount of time
    • Use “House” teams – most schools will have students sorted into sporting houses as it is, this is probably the easiest way to sort teams for intramurals.
  • The ideal space for a game of AFL 9’s is a Soccer Field split into thirds.
  • The great thing about AFL 9’s however is that any space can be modified or the team can be modified. If you only have an asphalt are that can be split in half and play in teams of 6, if you only have a basketball court or are playing in winter the same can be said.

Equipment required:

  • 1 x Footy (Australian Football) per game
  • Pylons – to mark the thirds on the field/use as goals if none are available.
  • Pinnies/Colour Bands – Amount depends on the amount of teams playing.

Need a footy? Email or head to the AFL Canada Online Shop


The Game:

    • AFL 9’s is a non contact sport but it’s always best to have a teacher or leader umpiring to maintain the safety levels.
    • If the game were to get rough, the umpire can award penalties or send players off if needed

The Field:

    • Fields/spaces should always be checked prior to games for hazards such as potholes, trash, tree roots, etc.
    • Unsafe spaces should never be used
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