Northern Lights Squad Announced

October 5, 2022

Canada’s National Australian Football Women’s team, the Northern Lights, has announced the squad that will be representing Canada over the next two years.

The Northern Lights have been quietly building since the return of consistent play under Head Coach Tricia Rolfe. Multiple camps across the last two years and most recently, the National Coaches travelling to Vancouver to attend the AFL Canada Cup to scout players playing for their home clubs, has led to the naming of the squad below.

With the International Cup being delayed another year to 2024, the staff are looking to bring back international footy with the Northern Lights donning their jerseys in Florida in 2023. 

The strength of womens Footy in Canada is obvious with 8 clubs and 4 provinces represented in the National Squad.

Congratulation to all players named in the squad!

Nicole RobertsonCalgary Kookaburras (AFL Alberta)
Caroline IrelandCalgary Kookaburras (AFL Alberta)
Leslie GurbaCalgary Kookaburras (AFL Alberta)
Brandie CorriganEdmonton AFC (AFL Alberta)
Sarah FabrisHigh Park Demons (AFL Ontario)
Gabby BureauMontreal Saints (AFL Quebec)
Joanna RutkowskiMontreal Saints (AFL Quebec)
Roxanne BesnerMontreal Saints (AFL Quebec)
Amanda SmithEtobicoke Kangaroos (AFL Ontario)
Charlotte BiotOttawa Swans (AFL Ontario)
Lia OsteridBurnaby Eagles (AFL British Columbia)
Jenn MinchenEtobicoke Kangaroos (AFL Ontario)
Lia VanesevantHamilton Wildcats (AFL Ontario)
Haley JonesCentral Blues (AFL Ontario)
Lara HilmiEtobicoke Kangaroos (AFL Ontario)
Amanda IrwinEtobicoke Kangaroos (AFL Ontario)
Lauren WoznyCentral Blues (AFL Ontario)
Nicole PoupartEtobicoke Kangaroos (AFL Ontario)
Jackie HallidayHamilton Wildcats (AFL Ontario)
Anna BrancatiBurnaby Eagles (AFL British Columbia)
Marlena HolynskiBurnaby Eagles (AFL British Columbia)
Maggie VielguthCalgary Kookaburras (AFL Alberta)
Leonor GaillardBurnaby Eagles (AFL British Columbia)
Mabel DunnEtobicoke Kangaroos (AFL Ontario)
Isabelle SenecalMontreal Saints (AFL Quebec)
Caroline LeducOttawa Swans (AFL Ontario)
Lise KieferHamilton Wildcats (AFL Ontario)
Larissa AndrusyshynMontreal Saints (AFL Quebec)
Kelli GruhlHamilton Wildcats (AFL Ontario)
Chelsea BroadCalgary Kookaburras (AFL Alberta)
Natalie DevillersMontreal Saints (AFL Quebec)
Hilary PerryCalgary Kookaburras (AFL Alberta)
Carter MerriganEtobicoke Kangaroos (AFL Ontario)

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