Northwind Squad Confirmed

October 11, 2022

After a busy year for the Northwind, Head Coach Sean Goedheer and his staff have announced the extended squad that will take the National Men’s team forward for 2023 as well as set the basis of the squad looking forward to the International Cup in 2024.

Training Camps in Vancouver and Ottawa in the Spring of 2022 kicked off the year with sights set on taking on the USA later in 2022.

The Northwind and its development squad tasted International Football for the first time since 2017 with the return of the Parallel Cup this August in Toronto. Whilst the result did not go the way of Team Canada the overall experience held the squad in good standing moving forward.

Following the activity of 2022, the Northwind staff are pleased to announce the following list of players that will be representing Canada moving forward.

Head Coach Sean Goedheer will also be looking to bolster the Development Pathway moving forward with camps and other opportunities for players within Canada, not already in the program to put their name up for the Northwind in 2023 – more details on this will be to come in the new year.

The strength of Footy right across Canada is demonstrated with 15 AFL Canada member clubs, and 6 provincial leagues represented in the squad.

Congratulations to all players selected!

Connor AdairOttawa Swans (AFL Ontario)
Michael BerkEdmonton Wombats (AFL Alberta)
Geoff CoventryOttawa Swans (AFL Ontario)
Aaron FalcioniToronto Eagles (AFL Ontario)
Jordan HarcombeOttawa Swans (AFL Ontario)
Anthony KennedyEdmonton Wombats (AFL Alberta)
Trent LoosemoreBurnaby Eagles (AFL British Columbia)
Jacob MartinGrand River Gargoyles (AFL Ontario)
Kyle MundellGrand River Gargoyles (AFL Ontario)
Steve SetkaWinnipeg Bears (AFL Manitoba)
Morgan WhyteMontreal Demons (AFL Quebec)
Greg BridgesOttawa Swans (AFL Ontario)
Dustin CowanHamilton Wildcats (AFL Ontario)
Michael FischerGrand River Gargoyles (AFL Ontario)
Eric KleinHamilton Wildcats (AFL Ontario)
Michael MasekOttawa Swans (AFL Ontario)
Jason NystenCalgary Kangaroos (AFL Alberta)
Justin SettleHamilton Wildcats (AFL Ontario)
Rob TersigniToronto Rebels (AFL Ontario)
Mark ZwaagstraVancouver Cougars (AFL British Columbia)
Youssef AbouzaidWest Island Wooders (AFL Quebec)
Chris BourqueSydney Giants (AFL Nova Scotia)
James ClockOttawa Swans (AFL Ontario)
Eric EscaravageBurnaby Eagles (AFL British Columbia)
Kyle GrahamMontreal Demons (AFL Quebec)
Nick LiangHamilton Wildcats (AFL Ontario)
Chris MoningHamilton Wildcats (AFL Ontario)
Mathew PayneOld Montreal Dockers (AFL Quebec)
Jeremy SchwartzentruberGrand River Gargoyles (AFL Ontario)
Steve WalkerHamilton Wildcats (AFL Ontario)
Yacine BaoucheOld Montreal Dockers (AFL Quebec)
Kenneth BoudreauWest Island Wooders (AFL Quebec)
Scott GloverEdmonton Wombats (AFL Alberta)
Greg LaymanOttawa Swans (AFL Ontario)
Ryan McNabbToronto Eagles (AFL Ontario)
Jim OertelBurnaby Eagles (AFL British Columbia)
Tyler SchwartzentruberGrand River Gargoyles (AFL Ontario)
Udai KapilaToronto Rebels (AFL Ontario)
Adrian NizzeroCalgary Kangaroos (AFL Alberta)
Riley TurpinOttawa Swans (AFL Ontario)
Erik BrezinskiCalgary Kangaroos (AFL Alberta)

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