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June 20, 2024

The Northern Lights and Northwind squads have now been announced for the 2024 Transatlantic Cup!

The teams will take on men’s and women’s teams from Colombia, Great Britain, France, USA & Ireland in Toronto this August.

All athletes selected to wear the Maple Leaf are amateur athletes meaning they pay their own expenses to attend training camps and the tournament itself. Expenses such as airfares, accommodation, food and transport at the tournament may reach up to $6,000 and this does not factor in preparation expenses (such as camps pre-tournament) or the players taking time off work to attend the tournament.

How can you help???

AFL Canada is proud to release the Individual Player Donation Stream to accompany the National Team Donation Stream. This means you can now donate directly to your favourite player, to help them with their expenses and receive an official donation receipt for tax purposes for doing so.

All funds received for individual players will be directed to those players, and funds directed toward the National Team Donation stream will be directed toward team expenses (such as playing kit).

You can learn more or donate at the following link:

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