The 2024 Transatlantic Cup presented by Payable Apps

February 29, 2024

AFL Canada is thrilled to announce that Payable Apps has signed on as the title sponsor for the 2024 Transatlantic Cup!

Payable Apps is a payment solutions company that provides various add-ons allowing payment to be made via credit card, inside of a Google Form or Google Sheets.

Payable Apps has saved countless sports organizations time and hassle in chasing up cash payments or e-transfers, when collating registrations or completing merch orders. Use of Payable Apps means only one step is required.

Payable Apps are waiving processing fees for AFL Canada members, so if you’re looking to utilize these time-saving tools, head across to the AFL Canada-specific landing page. As an added bonus, Payable has also provided vouchers for Square processing fees for new customers!

As well as supporting the Transatlantic Cup, you’ll also see Payable’s logo on the Team Canada jerseys for the next two years! As a Canadian-based company Payable Apps have thrown their support behind Team Canada in bringing home the Transatlantic Cup this year as well as promoting success in future endeavours.

AFL Canada thanks Payable Apps for their support!

Organization for the Payable Apps 2024 Transatlantic Cup is well underway. The tournament will run in Toronto from August 2-11 and will involve men’s and women’s teams from North America, South America and Europe.

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